To PN… Just had to pass along the amazing news – James (Holzhauer) continues to impress me!

Holzhauer writes, “I’m known for wagers that represent significant numbers in my life, such as the dates of my wedding and my child’s birth. Last week’s Tournament of Champions final was Alex’s 8,030th Jeopardy episode, and my first thought was to donate $8,030 to the Lustgarten Foundation to celebrate the career of the real Greatest of All Time. But that would sell Alex short—he’ll have hosted 8,670 episodes when his contract runs out in 2022. So $8,670 seemed right.”

Additionally, Alex Trebek himself is making a PSA about pancreatic cancer that will air on this afternoon’ (3:30PM Thurs., Nov. 21) Jeopardy! (November 21 is World Pancreatic Cancer Day.)

Picture Source: positively naperville