Naperville, IL – As of January 26, 2020, the proposed rate increases for the United States Postal Service went into effect. With the rising demand being put on shipping companies, rate increases are almost inevitable. It is best to stay informed and up to date each year to see how these new rates will affect shippers. A Naperville shipping store, The Boxes Etc., is here to ensure that their customers and community are aware of the new changes to the United States Postal Service rates.

The 2019 rate increases involved some major structural changes to how the rates are determined, specifically for First-Class Packages. Previously, First-Class Package rates were determined by the weight of the package only. However, the pricing structure is now based on the same factors as Priority Mail rates. The standard cost of shipping a package using one of these methods is based off both the weight and the destination of the package. Each destination area in the US is broken down into 9 Zones, with each Zone having a different price. Both Priority Mail and First-Class Package offer many different features, but the standard cost can be determined by using these new calculations.

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SOURCE ( Michele Zajac /Street Insider)