ILLINOIS — As the coronavirus crisis continues to take a toll on businesses, workers and public agencies, one topic on everyone’s minds – among many others – is taxes. How will people pay them? Will there be extensions? Adjustments?

While not addressing every tax question, several county treasurers in Illinois told Patch they are currently discussing a proposal to delay interest and penalties on property taxes within the state this year. Property taxes come due in June and September every year, but the proposal, if passed as a bill by the state legislature, would allow taxpayers to forego interest and late penalties on their June payments.

“I am in communication with several other county treasurers,” Will County Treasurer Tim Brophy said. “A draft bill that was shown to me by a couple [of them] that put it together… would delay the interests and penalties on the June installment, as long as they paid everything by the September installment.”

Picture Source: Shutterstock

SOURCE ( Dave Byrnes, Patch )