In a time of economic crisis and uncertainty during the global pandemic, many working professionals are adapting to new ways of doing business and recognizing the need to upskill or reskill to sustain their careers. While 11 percent of Americans have canceled their plans for obtaining a higher education because of COVID-19, a recent survey shows that those looking to pursue educational opportunities through fall 2020 found “their interests are divided evenly among reskilling, upskilling, and pursuing personal interests.” 1 Responding to the need to earn skills-based credentials more quickly, DeVry University is launching two technology certificate programs that contribute to the university’s continuum of learning framework and creates opportunities for students to build durable career value.

The new Networking Essentials certificate is designed to teach students how organizations and businesses are networked to exchange and secure information. Coursework will help prepare students for industry certifications, including CompTIA Network+ and the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Students can earn this certificate in as few as 12 months.*

Picture Source: GetStencil

SOURCE ( DeVry University Business Wire)