NAPERVILLE, IL — Each year, Draft Picks in Naperville holds an annual St. Baldrick’s fundraiser to benefit childhood cancer research, but this year, the in-person event was not possible due to the new coronavirus crisis. Instead, Draft Picks is hosting a virtual St. Baldrick’s fundraiser, challenging residents to shave their heads for a good cause.

Event coordinator Dawn Fetro said in an email that since many people are overdue for a haircut during the coronavirus shutdown, they may as well shave it all off to benefit St. Baldrick’s. Draft Picks wrote on the Facebook event page, “[L]et’s face it, showers and hair combing have become an optional pastime! How about we completely skip the comb for a few weeks and shave it all off… by the time the stay at home orders are lifted, your hair will already be growing back!!”

Picture Source: GoogleMaps Streetview

SOURCE ( Lisa Marie Farver, Patch )