Paws and Claws Rescue is a new cat and dog rescue organization founded by an Evanston family in May, 2020. Dedicated to preventing and alleviating the suffering caused by abuse, neglect, and overpopulation, this non-profit is currently helping 80% cats, many of whom are pregnant, kittens, and 20% puppies and dogs. Their goal is to buy a building that will allow them to grow and provide a space for community events, adoptions and the housing of more animals. This organization is growing rapidly and needs to expand their human workforce to keep up with that growth.

The idea for Paws and Claws Chicago Rescue was born in the founding family’s basement in the brutally cold months of 2019, when they found and rescued a colony of homeless cats. Zoe (the mother) and her kittens grew up and went on to loving forever homes. The pandemic and lockdown ignited the spark and spurred the founding of Paws and Claws. Since then they have created a robust foster program, saved over 150 animals from euthansia and adopted them out into loving caring homes, hosted two successful fundraisers, and created their Full Circle Program that works to get at the root of feline overpopulation. Additionally, they have begun to plan for the launch of a new program to provide pets as companions and support to seniors, disabled people, and veterans.

Picture Source: Paws and Claws Rescue

SOURCE ( Paws and Claws Rescue /Patch)