NAPERVILLE, Ill. (WLS) — A Naperville woman is sharing her heartbreak after recently losing her only parent to COVID-19.

Michele Raymer says her father’s death shows just how unpredictable and scary this virus can be.

“My mom died when I was seven,” she said. “The first thing he did is he sat me on his lap. He told me what happened. He said, “It’s you and me, kid. We’re gonna get through this.'”

Raymer grew up with only one parent, but her dad, Jim, could not have been more supportive, attentive or loving. He enrolled her in sports and coached several of her teams. And he wasn’t afraid of the so-called mom stuff either.

“He taught me how to braid my hair,” she said. “He took me shopping for my first bras.”

Picture Source: Michele Raymer

SOURCE (ABC 7 Chicago)