Lawmakers returned to Springfield on Wed., May 20, 2020, for the first time since March. Their major responsibility was to approve the fiscal 2021 budget before the end of the spring session at the end of May, after which the threshold for passage rises to three-fifths from a simple majority. The budget goes into effect July 1.

Late Saturday the State of Illinois passed the Fiscal Year 2021 state budget that increases spending by 6.8 percent. The 68-44 vote was passed in the House largely along party lines.

The budget spends $42.8 billion while revenues are expected to be $36.8 billion, $5 billion of which comes from additional borrowing to be paid back over the next decade. Lawmakers propose looking to the Federal government to fill the gap, many online sources say.

Picture Source: Positively Naperville

SOURCE ( Positively Naperville )