Deanna and Matt Schmudde kicked off the holiday season riding through downtown Naperville Friday with a giant gingerbread house.

“It feels a little bit like a fairytale in downtown Naperville,” said Deanna Schmudde, a local real estate agent who participated in the Little Friends Parade of Lights on a unit sponsored by John Green Realtor in Naperville.

“For us it’s the start of the holiday season,” said Deanne Schmudde, who was accompanied by daughters Kate, 13, Abigail, 11 and Brooke, 10. “Our family loves Christmas, my husband is Clark Griswold 2.0,” she said, referencing the National Lampoon’s Vacation comedy film.

“My husband grew up in Naperville, we have family here and we shop here. Being part of the parade in the city we love is magic to us,” said Schmudde.

It’s one of the best times of the year, 13-year-old Kate said.

Picture Source: Mike Mantucca / Naperville Sun