Rotary Hill, overlooking Moser Tower with the Millennium Carillon, is a popular picnic destination with space for running, playing and relaxing along the Naperville Riverwalk.

This year, with Centennial Beach closed and the summer heat lingering beyond Dog Days, Naperville Park District has been hosting a new daily event for kids at Rotary Hill: the Midday Spray featuring a sprinkler that gives off a refreshing mist and has a long reach, organizers said.

Launched in early July, Midday Spray continues weekdays from 11AM to 1PM. Joyful noises of kids running up and down Rotary Hill, in anticipation of getting spritzed can be heard.

One way to experience the big spray is for kids to line up at the top of Rotary Hill and wait for the leader to yell, “Charge!” Then everybody heads toward the sprinkler before running back to the top and beginning all over again.

The sprinkler will run each weekday, Monday-Friday, while the weather is hot and dry.

Midday Spray is a weather-dependent activity. It is free to participate.

“We hope families will enjoy bringing a picnic lunch to Rotary Hill, where kids can run through the water and cool off on these hot summer days,” said Executive Director Ray McGury, who said the idea came to him in the middle of the night.

Rotary Hill is located along the Riverwalk across Aurora Avenue from Naperville Central High School.

Picture Source: PN Photo

SOURCE ( PN Editor / Positively Naperville )