The Simon Wiesenthal Center Museum’s Mobile Museum of Tolerance is parked at Naperville’s 95th Street Library this week, giving Naperville residents a look at some of the most important social justice issues in recent history.

“Simon Wiesenthal was a survivor of the Holocaust; he’s actually the namesake of our organization. And one of his things that he said was ‘work today to change tomorrow,’ and so that’s exactly what we’re trying to do here on the bus,” said Elizabeth Blair, education associate at the Mobile Museum of Tolerance.

Mobile Museum Features

“We learn about the past, we learn about the Holocaust, the Civil Rights Movement. But we think about ways that we can stay active and stand up to injustice today,” Blair said. “So it’s a very high tech museum. We have documentary films on big screens. We have a whole class set of tablets that we use to talk about social media literacy. We have lots of different pictures and images, quotes from human rights leaders that are very impactful as well.”

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