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I wanted to share another one of our Naperville Business Spotlight Interviews.

Please meet Dr. Melissa Trupia of Faithful Friends Home Vet where she provides amazing services for your pets. Dr. Trupia has chosen to focus on the specialty services of physical medicine as well as end-of-life care so that your pets can receive therapies that may not otherwise be available in a clinic setting. What makes Faithful Friends even more unique is that all care is done in a comfortable and safe setting of home.

When your pet is experiencing chronic pain or impaired mobility, Dr. Trupia will develop a plan utilizing various treatments such as acupuncture, laser therapy, massage, therapeutic exercise, nutritional supplements, targeted medications, and more.

Dr. Trupia also offers palliative and hospice care. These services are intended to improve comfort and minimize suffering from symptoms at any stage of disease. Dr. Trupia always aims to provide you, the caretaker, with a voice in goal setting for your pet, for yourself, and for your family.

When it is time to say goodbye to your beloved pet, Dr. Trupia works to ensure a painless, peaceful, and stress-free journey for your pet. The goal is always for your pet to experience nothing but the comforts of their familiar surroundings, sounds, and family as they drift off into a deep sleep and gentle passing.

If struggling with making these difficult decisions, Dr. Trupia invites you to make a Quality of Life appointment as the first step for additional support, guidance, and insight.

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Faithful Friends Home Vet

(630) 923-7171





If you have any questions about Dr. Trupia and her services for your pets feel free to reach out to her via her website or give her a call (630) 923-7171.

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