NAPERVILLE, IL — Camryn Eickenberg and Anthony Pendolino came up with the idea of GOAT Gifts in their business incubator class at Naperville Central High School just a few months before the pandemic hit. Instead of crumbling under the pressure of the coronavirus crisis, GOAT Gifts rose to the occasion and began giving back to their community with a simple gesture that has helped the business grow exponentially.

GOAT Gifts began with an idea to send care packages to college students. Chief Executive Officer Pendolino told Patch the name “GOAT Gifts”comes from the fact that their goal is to offer the “greatest gifts of all time.”

Tailored to college students, the company’s flagship care package contains snacks, gum, hand sanitizer, energy drinks and more.

Picture Source: Camryn Eickenberg

SOURCE (Lisa Marie Farver /Patch)