NAPERVILLE, Ill. — With more than 500 retention ponds in Naperville, the Naperville Fire Department and Naperville Park District wish to remind residents of the importance of winter ice safety.

Regardless of the time of year, it is never safe to go out on the water – even when it appears to be frozen. Ice thickness and strength are difficult to determine and can be affected by factors including pond depth, varying temperatures and aerators designed to keep water moving. Fluctuating temperatures during the freezing process can create thin spots that are unsafe for people and animals, yet invisible to the untrained eye.

To avoid injury from falling through thin ice, please stay off the ice atop all retention ponds. Parents should teach children about the dangers of ponds in winter and the importance of staying away from ice. Pet owners should keep all animals leashed around ponds to help them stay safe, too.

Picture Source: Get Stencil

SOURCE (Naperville Park District)