Did you know if you want to grow an unusual houseplant, you need look no further than the produce section of your favorite grocery store?

Most of us have stuck an avocado pit with toothpicks, submerged the lower half in water and watched a little tree emerge. It’s always so satisfying to watch something grow, so here are two more grocery store fruits to try.

Ginger! Choose a plump piece of gingerroot and let it rest in a dry spot in your home. Soon pale nodes will appear. Gingerroot, a rhizome, grows much like iris and daylilies which are also rhizomes. Cut the gingerroot into sections with each having one or two nodes. Plant each one in an eight or ten-inch pot one inch below the surface in well-draining potting soil such as cactus/succulent potting soil. Water it well and place in a bright spot.

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