NAPERVILLE, IL — Like many people in Naperville, Dan Spellerberg has his favorite restaurants in town. Most of which, he told Patch, are mom-and-pop joints struggling to stay above water during the coronavirus crisis. Spellerberg funneled his love for local restaurants into a fun gift card exchange that aids those beloved eateries and the folks who love them.

Spellerberg said he was also inspired by helping Lisle Burger City owner Fahad Rehman pass out meals for Hesed House in Aurora. Spellerberg said the coronavirus shutdown has impacted Rehman’s business, but Rehman delivers weekly meals to Hesed House nonetheless.

“I figured if he can do that I can figure out a way to help restaurants stay in business,” Spellerberg said.

Picture Source: Photo Courtesy by Elaine Stecklein

SOURCE ( Lisa Marie Farver, Patch )