NAPERVILLE, IL — The pandemic may have forced a number of Naperville residents to work from home, but there’s good news. Money Magazine recently ranked Naperville as the country’s 3rd best place to live if you work from home.

The study evaluated close to 2,000 cities and towns throughout the U.S. that had populations of greater than 25,000 residents. From these cities, Money Magazine weighed such factors as cost of living, diversity, amenities and economic health.

At-home conveniences such as internet access and room-to-person ratios also weighed heavily in Money Magazine’s list, as did access to daycares, parks and pharmacies.

Naperville earned its ranking with an average of 7.4 percent of residents having worked from home prior to the pandemic. Naperville’s walkability was also a mitigating factor, with nearly 90 percent of residents living within 10 minutes walking distance of a park.

Picture Source: Naeem Khan

SOURCE (Lisa Marie Farver, Patch)