A Naperville native’s charity provides Haitian communities the tools and education to help themselves and the environment. Josh Goralski created ‘Unlocking Communities’ about three years ago, but his inspiration and ideas for the project have been years in the making.

A Naperville North High School alum and St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church attendee, Goralski’s first brush with Haiti came when he was just eight years old when his family hosted a Haitian priest. “When people ask me what’s my connection to Haiti, I say ‘Haiti kind of found me,’” he said.

Goralski started his involvement with Haiti through the work his church did alongside the Haitian priest.

“Fast forward a long time, I got to understand the difference between charity and long-term development,” Goralski said. “And what does it mean to truly empower communities to be agents of change in their own communities?”

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