Amy Smith, Versiti Illinois Area Vice President, and Sarah Horne, Account Representative for the Versiti Blood Center of Illinois, attended the February 11 Naperville Park District board meeting and presented the Beacon of Hope Award to the Park District for being one of the top organizations in the area to host blood drives in 2020.

Beginning in spring 2020, the District hosted over 25 blood drives at its Alfred Rubin Riverwalk Community Center and Fort Hill Activity Center, partnering with other community groups who needed a location for their blood drives. The Park District is continuing to partner with Versiti Blood Center in 2021, with over 20 blood drives scheduled for the year so far.

“By opening your doors, you helped us to ensure that we had the blood supply for the patients who needed it most,” said Amy Smith. “Back in March 2020 we had hundreds of cancellations. You were one of the first groups to step in to help save the day….We are awed by your outstanding support.”

Picture Source: Versiti Illinois Area

SOURCE (Naperville Park District)