It may be an iconic job of summer, but the role of Centennial Beach lifeguard hasn’t been an easy one to fill for Naperville Park District.

Seeking to hire at least 50 guards by the beach’s opening this May, park officials say they are ramping up their recruitment efforts to find workers ready to keep the swimming public safe.

Extra outreach to high schools, fire departments and water polo teams is underway to fill the ranks of guards who will occupy lookout perches along the perimeter and kayaks on the water of the historic swimming facility.

“One of the areas that we are really focused on this year is lifeguards based on the shortages that we had last year,” said Brad Wilson, director of recreation. “There’s certainly a big push that is taking place for additional lifeguards.”

Recruiting began Jan. 5 when the district hosted a student job fair in conjunction with the Naperville nonprofit organization KidsMatter. Wilson said the event allowed the district to pitch the position to teens looking for seasonal work.

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