Mixed among Beth Collins’ stack of mail was an envelope with a KeyBank debit card and a letter from the Illinois Department of Employment Security explaining her mother had filed for unemployment benefits.

A full-time caretaker of her aging mother, the Lisle woman said her mother hasn’t worked in years so she initially thought about throwing it out. After a bit of research, she realized her mother was a victim of unemployment fraud.

The daughter said she reached out to her police department, the Illinois Department of Employment Security, or IDES, and the Federal Trade Commission to report the identity theft.

Collins said she feels helpless and fears the ramifications of the scam down the road. “Where did they get the information from? Where did the breach happen?” Collins asked.

“The more I hear about it, the more it seems like it’s not just my mother,” she said.

The Naperville Police Department is seeing an increase in identity theft calls, with more than 50 reported from July 17-23.

Picture Source: Chris Sweda / Chicago Tribune

SOURCE ( Suzanne Baker / Chicago Tribune )