Naperville Park District’s trails provide much-needed outdoor recreation for the community year round. Runners appreciate being able to enjoy the trails in winter, and the Park District prioritizes snow removal on the longer trails and along the Riverwalk to keep those trails open.

To help with the costs of snow removal, the Naperville Running Company will partner with Naperville Park District for the 6th consecutive year to help keep a favorite two-mile trail open this winter in south Naperville. The trail extends from the Route 59 pedestrian bridge through Frontier Sports Complex and Ashbury Greenway to Naperville-Plainfield Road. Under the agreement, the Park District will clear the trail after a snowfall and Naperville Running Company will reimburse the Park District for labor and materials.

“Our customer response to clearing the path has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Kris Hartner, owner and founder of Naperville Running Company. “We look forward to our 6th year of this public/private partnership.”

Picture Source: Get Stencil

SOURCE ( Naperville Park District )