NAPERVILLE, IL — Scott Anderson is retired, so a letter about unemployment benefits was one of the last things he expected to see in the mail. Anderson, a Lisle resident, told Patch the letter was forwarded from his former address in Naperville. Anderson isn’t alone. Since March, Naperville has seen 1,192 reports of unemployment scams.

The scams work like this: Scammers use someone else’s information to apply for unemployment benefits. They then change the payment type to direct deposit, so they can get the funds before the victim receives an unemployment card in the mail.

In Anderson’s case, he received a letter about an application for unemployment benefits from Mack Industries into his bank account. Anderson told Patch he’s never worked for Mack Industries. Anderson wonders if the thief would have tried to steal an unemployment card from his former address. He told Patch a friend who lived near that address knew a neighbor who was also a victim of unemployment fraud.

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SOURCE ( Lisa Marie Farver, Patch )