17-year-old Neuqua Valley High School student, Kaitlyn Zhou, was awarded a “special mention” in a contest run by the UN Refugee Agency.

The UNHCR’s first Youth With Refugees art contest encouraged young people aged 12-25 to reflect creatively on the theme: everyone counts in the fight against coronavirus, including refugees.

“I was very excited to receive this recognition, especially since I’m able to use my art to advocate for current issues around the world regarding COVID-19 and refugees,” said Zhou. “And it truly means a lot to me that I’m able to inspire hope and unity and raise awareness through a passion that I really enjoy.”

Zhou’s watercolor painting was chosen from 2,000 submissions from around 100 countries. The UNHCR awarded seven global winners, five regional prizes, five awards for cartoons, and 20 special mentions.

Picture Source: NCTV17

SOURCE ( Aysha Ashley Househ / NCTV17 )