NAPERVILLE, Ill. — Naperville residents covered some downtown businesses with signs and messages to open hearts and promote understanding between neighbors Wednesday.

It was a different scene outside a boarded-up Apple store Monday, where a live video showing cleanup efforts in the area caught a man yelling at young women as they hung hearts saying “BLM” and “Spread the Love” on boarded-up storefronts.

“A man came up and started to berate us saying our opinions were wrong, all lives matter and white privilege matters. Things like that,” said Naperville North grad Rachel Hale.

Hale and Alyssa Helm were among those helping to clean up damage from this week’s looting when they stopped to show their support for the two siblings hanging the signs.

Later on in the video, two women can be seen ripping the signs down.

Picture Source: Photo by WGN 9

SOURCE ( Gaynor Hall / WGN 9 )