A newly formed Facebook group, Illinois for a Safe Return to Campus, is a group of Illinois educators, school staff, parents, and students who are promoting the idea that the school year should start remotely. They believe it’s not safe to return to school until counties in the state report no new cases of COVID-19 for 14 days.

Some members of the group are Naperville teachers.

“Remote start, at the very least, is the safest way to get kids back to the face-to-face instruction that we all know is better for them, but might be a little too quick if the communities still have numbers trending towards that 5% positivity rate,” said Linda Bennett, a Naperville teacher and member of Illinois for a Safe Return to Campus.

Bennett said the group wants students back in the classroom, but fears there are still too many questions no one has the answers to with new and changing information about COVID-19.

Picture Source: NCTV17  

SOURCE ( Aysha Ashley Househ / NCTV17 )