A revised plan for the Little Friends property in the Naperville Historic District has shifted from single-family and duplex homes to all townhouses to keep it financially viable while accommodating neighbors’ requests, the developer’s lawyer said.

Ram West Capital’s proposal, which calls for 47 units to be spread out in 12 buildings and three in the restored Kroehler mansion, heads to the Naperville Historic Preservation Commission Thursday.

Attorney Russ Whitaker said the new proposal complies with neighbors’ requests for a public park space, rear-loaded garages and use of the mansion as the development’s centerpiece.

“We’ve done those things, but in order to accomplish those things, we had to get some additional density,” he said.

The townhomes are expected to sell for just over $900,000 each, which is very different than from the initial proposal to build 10 single-family homes selling for about $1.1 million and 17 duplexes prices at about $725,000.

Picture Source: Ram West Capital / HANDOUT

SOURCE ( Erin Hegarty / Chicago Tribune )