NAPERVILLE, Ill. — A family-owned pharmacy in Naperville Illinois is celebrating its 145th anniversary. Surviving two pandemics is a part of the pharmacy’s legacy.

“Louis Oswald, my great-great-grandfather, ran the store during the 1918 pandemic, and my old man and I are running it during this one,” said Alex Anderson, Oswald’s manager, 6th generation.

Oswald’s Pharmacy has been opened since the 1800s and owned by the Anderson family since 1881.

Alex Anderson, soon to be the new owner of the pharmacy, said Oswald’s has been more than just a pharmacy. They sell everything from toys to gifts, and now masks and medical equipment for those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. They also offer rapid Antigen, COVID-19 testing, and antibody testing.

In celebration of their 145th anniversary, the pharmacy will be donating to Naperville Rotary groups and to a local Naperville food bank called Loaves and Fishes.

Oswald’s teamed up with a local history museum for a pop-up exhibit that shares the history and artifacts of the pharmacy.

Picture Source: ABC 7

SOURCE (Yukare Nakayama /ABC 7)