NAPERVILLE, IL — A proposal for a new mosque complex in Naperville has once again brought a large influx of comments both in favor and in opposition to the project. During a Feb. 17 zoning and planning commission meeting, hundreds of residents were unable to share their input about Islamic Center of Naperville’s plans due to a lack of time, Chicago Tribune reports.

Resistance to the development has come from residents who live near the mosque complex’s proposed site at 3540 248th Ave. Neighbors raised concerns about resulting traffic and the scope of the project, which would occupy 13.6 acres of land. The proposed development would include a two-story, 26,219 square foot mosque, a 41,749 square foot school, a 22,814 square foot multi-purpose hall and a 26,852 square foot gymnasium, all to be built over a 40-year period.

According to Chicago Tribune, city officials received more than 2,300 comments opposing the mosque project and close to 9,000 comments supporting the project.

Picture Source: Naeem Khan

SOURCE (Lisa Marie Farver, Patch)