I never thought I would be writing this column from a quarantine situation such as the one we are all experiencing with the global Coronavirus pandemic, but as they say, the show must go on.

In the very moment that phrase escapes my lips, I can’t help but think of the uplifting Queen song of the same name. In these frightening and unprecedented times, songs like “The Show Must Go On” serve as the light in the darkness for so many. Once again, music is an escape – a place of refuge.

I notice so many friends on Facebook looking for relief through music. So many posting inspirational lyrics or lists of songs, albums, or artists that might help them deal with the isolation. If you’re reading this column, you are most likely a fan of music, but there are some that have not found relief through song. With that said, I would kindly ask you to think of those people in times like these. Music is not only a universal language, but it can also be a healer.

Picture Source: Positively Naperville

SOURCE ( Positively Naperville )