NAPERVILLE, IL — Naperville is no stranger to inventive cuisine, but Nala Robotics, Inc. plans to take the idea of a unique dining experience to a whole new level with a restaurant that features a robotic chef.

Nala Robotics, Inc., announced in early 2021 that it will open the “world’s first state-of-the-art intelligent restaurant” in Naperville in April, according to a news release. Chicago Tribune reports that the robotic restaurant will be located in the Mall of India, 776 S. Illinois Rte. 59.

The restaurant’s menu will feature burgers, pizza and chicken wings, along with Italian, Indian, Thai, Mediterranean, Chinese, Portuguese and Mexican cuisine.

The news release states that diners will be able to use the Nala App to order food and designate whether they have specific requests or dietary requirements. The food will then be prepped by machines equipped with proprietary hardware and software.

Picture Source: Shutterstock

SOURCE ( Lisa Marie Farver, Patch)