Seasoned riders, novices, shop owners and club officers across the suburbs offer their 2021 goals, some specific and individual, others broad and general. All are worthy no matter what type of rider you are.

Common goals are distance challenges, e.g., 2021 Tour de France mileage — 2,102 — from Kevin Keehn of Palatine, who also suggests, “riding my age in miles on my birthday.”

Centuries — single-day 100-milers — are respectable targets that several mention. Peter and Tracy Flucke, co-authors of “Coast to Coast on a Tandem,” add special twists to century goals. Hers is to ride a century on a tandem, plus a second on her road bike. His is to finish a single-day double century.

Annual mileage goals submitted include 3,500, 5,000-plus (Sheri Rosenbaum, Buffalo Grove) and 5,800 miles. Bob Thomson, St. Charles, owns the latter, his eighth year exceeding the prior year’s mileage.

Picture Source: Ralph Banasiak

SOURCE ( Ralph Banasiak /Daily Herald)