The Serendipity Resale Shop has been fully transitioned from downtown Naperville to 461 S. Route 59 near Harbor Freight Tools and Hobby Lobby, according to Jason Altenbern, Vice President of Agency Advancement for Little Friends, Inc.

“It was bittersweet to have moved after enjoying such a long, rich history at our old location, said Altenbern. “The new space is a bit larger and everything is housed on one floor, which is especially nice for many of our volunteers who no longer have to navigate the use of rickety stairs.”

Managed and operated completely by volunteers, Serendipity has been helping to support Little Friends for nearly 50 years. Altenbern also enjoys mentioning that dedicated Store Manager Arlene Klucina will be celebrating her 50th year with Little Friends in 2021.

“We think the new space will enable us to provide a broader selection of items to purchase,” Altenbern continued. “We also see the appeal with that cross-section (75th Street and Route 59) —as that really is the heart of the Naperville/Aurora region, heavily populated with residents. …Our new location brings us into the Aurora market to which I think will have broad appeal.”

Picture Source: Positively Naperville

SOURCE ( Positively Naperville )