Naperville, IL — As a shipping center in Naperville, IL, The Boxes Etc. keeps a close eye on changes and trends in the industry and informs their community of any important news. With that said, The Boxes Etc. is explaining the effects of the Russia-Ukraine war on the shipping industry.

Unfortunately, the Russia-Ukraine war has caused much disruption in the shipping world, as the supply chain has taken a lot of damage: shipping routes are being cut off by Russian forces, logistics firms are pausing their services, and air freight rates have risen immensely.

Keelvar is a supply chain software platform, and Dylan Alperin serves as their head of professional services. Earlier this month, Alperin told CNBC that the closure of one of the few access points available to ocean trade in Ukraine “has created a heavy buildup of vessels waiting to get through the Kerch Strait. With 70% of Ukraine’s exports distributed via ship, the congestion is worsening by the hour.”

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