Abby Wambach is a fighter. She has shown it on the soccer field, where the two- time Olympic gold medalist is an icon, to her pursuit of gender rights and her drive for expanded opportunities for female leadership. Her message was brought into the spotlight with last spring’s memorable commencement speech at Barnard College. Wambach’s story is both inspirational and motivating. It is the basis for her new book, WOLFPACK. And local fans will get a chance to see the star soon.

Abby Wambach will be speaking at Community Christian Church, 1635 Emerson Lane, in Naperville on Thursday, April 11 at 7 pm to discuss her new title. This special event is presented by Anderson’s Bookshop, 123 W. Jefferson Ave. in Naperville. Wambach will participate in a moderated discussion about her book, WOLFPACK. Pre-signed books will be distributed to ticketholders at this event. There will be no live signing line. Tickets are available exclusively at

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