NAPERVILLE, IL — The number of coronavirus cases in Naperville has risen by 204 cases in the past six days in DuPage County, according to information from the DuPage County Health Department (DCHD). Those numbers are notably higher than the previous week, which saw an increase of 120 coronavirus cases.

As of April 7, there had been 6,836 cases reported in the DuPage County portion of Naperville. The total number of cases reported in Naperville as of April 13 was 7,040 per DCHD, reflecting a weekly increase of just under 3 percent. The previous week’s increase was just under 1.9 percent.

DCHD recently began sharing the number of probable coronavirus cases in each municipality. In Naperville, there have been 1,012 probable coronavirus cases since March 2020. Including probable cases, the total coronavirus case count for Naperville is at 8,052.

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