It was contagious and unprecedented, but in a very positive way.

Each year, the residents of Monarch Landing senior living community in Naperville express gratitude for the unfailing dedication, kindness, and care demonstrated by the employees through the Staff Appreciation Fund. Because employees are not permitted to accept gratuities or gifts directly from residents, family, or others, the Staff Appreciation Fund is the once-a-year opportunity to thank those who have kept residents healthy and safe. The fund is a resident-run initiative.

“It’s the way residents can ensure the staff realizes how much we appreciate their heroic efforts on our behalf, especially this year during the many months of the COVD-19 pandemic,” said Kathy Schreiner, a co-chair of the residents’ staff appreciation fund committee.

“The theme for this year’s drive was ‘Acknowledge Our Heroes,’ and we quickly discovered that heroes not only work but also live here. The residents of Monarch Landing sent a resounding message to the staff, exceeding our goal by 12%! This has been a stressful time for all of us and being able to acknowledge the heroic efforts of the staff has helped spread some much-needed holiday cheer for all,” added co-chair Pati Saulig.

Picture Source: Monarch Landing

SOURCE ( Monarch Landing )