This Naperville Heritage Society photograph of the Naperville Tennis and Social Club dates to 1891. Sports clubs became popular in the late 19th century as sports went from unruly affairs to ones with specific rules and organizations. Sporting allowed middle-class people to take advantage of their leisure time and work on their fitness.

Originally women were discouraged from participating in public sports as it violated many social norms about public behavior but play they did — often in their normal attire. Gradually clothing created to make it more conducive to play tennis or cycle would become acceptable.

The people featured in the standing row, left to right, are Julian Sleight, Roy Mather, Ethel Mather, Sadie Phillips, Mida Wunder, Dell Wunder, Marion Batten, Alfe Givler, Miss Whitcomb, Susie Wickel, Asa Royce, Fannie Wilson, Ralph Batten. and Morton Noble. Sitting, left to right, are Bernie Beckman, Ollie Strubler, Lorine Sargent, Percy Batten, Libbie Beckman, Meyer Ernest, Marg Chambers, Ruth Murray, Walter Givler, Lulu Kaylor, Jim Knickerbocker and Fred Mather.

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