March 31, 2020 / Mindful that the pandemic, Coronaviris (aka COVID-19), is not discriminating, we must carry on in sync, keep calm and be prepared for Stay-at-Home Weekend #3. We’re all in this together, mindful to be 6-feet apart.

Note public events and local fish fry dinners are canceled. Public buildings, theaters, most shops and all restaurants (except for take-out) are closed.

Take precautions. Wash your hands. Cover coughs and sneezes. Be a good example for young ones who might be watching. Help them feel safe. Eat nourishing food. Drink plenty of liquids. Exercise. 

Stay home if at all possible. Keep six feet away from other individuals. It’s OK to take walks outside. Practice social distancing.

Stick to facts that are not embellished by adjectives and adverbs that slant the information. Use commonsense. Stay healthy.

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SOURCE (Positively Naperville)