NAPERVILLE, IL — When the new coronavirus shutdown left Naperville mom and toy store owner Ashley Humberstone at home with her four-year-old, Zoe, she took to social media to spread joy with daily online story time.

Humberstone, who owns Learning Express Toys, said she “missed being able to interact with the kids & families during the stay-at-home order.” She found a creative way to spend time with her daughter and entertain others in the community. Thus, Facebook Live Storytime was born.

Her daughter Zoe said she loves story time because, “It’s super super fun.” She added that “[I]t’s the best in the world and I get to be with my mommy” and that she “love[s] when Grandma & my Aunties watch.”

Picture Source: Ashley Humberstone

SOURCE ( Lisa Marie Farver, Patch Staff )