Lately, I can’t go a day without hearing about someone more than 100 years old. Like Ms. Francis, known as “America’s Grandmother.” The oldest living American, the 114-year-old “just feels like living every day.” She is also the oldest person in the world who lives at home – with her 95-year-old daughter!

Yoshiko Miwa is the oldest living Japanese American at 110. She was born in the U.S. and interned during WWII. Her motto is don’t dwell. The unjust prisoners of Japanese descent often said “gaman,” meaning “enduring the seemingly unbearable with patience and dignity.” She does not wallow in the negative.

My husband’s Aunt Alice is 108. Several decades ago, we went for a walk, and I couldn’t keep up. And we are familiar with Naperville’s Don O’Reilly, who died this March. Don was an active member of the VFW Honor Guard and G.I. Yoga. At 102, he stood holding the flag on Veteran’s Day at Memorial Park.

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