It’s been some time now since Indian Prairie School District 204 and Superintendent Dr. Adrian Talley implemented the “Mask Recommendation Strategy” into many of Naperville’s schools back on February 22, 2022. When this decision was initially made, many were in protest of the choice to loosen mask requirements. This has been a difficult topic to discuss for some time now and many conflicts have broken out because of the stress, pain, and love that is entangled with this issue. 

Personally, the possibility of unrest in my school because of clashing beliefs was my greatest fear during this transition back toward something resembling normalcy, but I can happily say that the bulk of Metea Valley has managed to remain cool headed simply by respecting one another and displaying empathy. This positive culture has been carefully cultivated by both the faculty at Metea Valley as well as student leaders in an attempt to help keep our school unified. 

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