NAPERVILLE, IL — Anderson’s Bookshop has been a staple of the Naperville area since the late 1870s, when the family’s grandfather sold books as part of his pharmacy. Now, more than 150 years later, the new coronavirus shutdown has put the beloved bookstore in peril of closing all its stores throughout the Naperville area.

Amid the coronavirus crisis, the independently-owned Anderson’s Bookshop must still help its employees and pay rent at its bookstore locations in Naperville, Downers Grove and LaGrange. They also need help maintaining Anderson’s Toyshop in Naperville and their Aurora-based school book fair division.

Because Anderson’s is a small business, they have relied on in-person book sales and events throughout the years that helped them rally to stay open when other bigger bookstores like Borders shut their doors. The coronavirus shutdown made those crucial in-person sales and events temporarily a thing of the past, leaving the owners scrambling to make do.

Picture Source: GoogleMaps Streetview

SOURCE ( Lisa Marie Farver, Patch )