Following a putt off the fringe, Naperville Central senior Brian Izzo let out a slight scream on the 18th hole Monday at Naperbrook Golf Course.

“Get up there,” he implored.

Izzo drilled a 12-foot putt to close out his round for an opening day 77 at the Bob Sterr Invitational.

That score was not necessarily to his liking.

But after the coronavirus pandemic wiped out opportunities to play during the spring, Izzo found great satisfaction in being able to compete again.

“It’s more fun to play than just practice,” Izzo said. “I have to be more consistent. I don’t want my scores to be up and down. I want to have consistent scores.”

Izzo is entering his third year on the varsity. His combination of raw talent and experience will be crucial at optimizing his game.

Naperville Central coach Barry Baldwin said Izzo’s analytical approach has been crucial to his development.

Picture Source: Patrick Z. McGavin / Naperville Sun

SOURCE ( Patrick Z. McGavin / Chicago Tribune )