There is a way to make a climate difference that would help low and middle-income people. There is a way for the country to go “green” without hurting the economy. There is legislation that unites liberal and conservative groups in regard to climate policy. But what can you do to make this happen? For starters, join the Citizen Climate Lobby. 

The Environmental Club hosted an online event and invited Mark Ailes and Terry Quain from the Citizen Climate Lobby in the Naperville Branch to introduce how the Citizen Climate Lobby (CCL) takes political action for the environment.

The lobby is an international grassroots environmental group that trains and supports volunteers to build relationships with their elected representatives to influence climate policy. This organization contacts politicians hosts seminars and educates people about carbon fees and dividends when presenting their plan for the environment and businesses. They stand for persuasion and not force.

Picture Source: Gabriella Gallardo

SOURCE ( Gabriella Gallardo /The Courier)