WILL COUNTY, IL — Food DrivesToy Drives. Fundraisers for cancer treatments and silent auctions for the homeless. During the holiday season there’s no shortage of opportunities for people in the western suburbs to help their fellow man. But as groups and individuals go on about their altruistic efforts, some troubling questions inevitably emerge: What happens when the holidays are over? Is one act of kindness really enough to change peoples’ lives? Why do people even need charity in the first place?

These are the questions, among others, that local activist Tom Wojcik said he asked himself while growing up in Naperville. After a lifetime of looking for answers, he has a lot to say.

“I was born and bred in Naperville, which is a pretty affluent community, but I also spent a fair amount of time in Joliet – my grandparents live in Joliet – and it was impressed on me at a very early age that these were two very different communities,” he said. “I started to question why they were so different and that eventually led to me reading some theory, connecting some dots.”

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SOURCE ( Dave Byrnes /patch.com)