A Naperville mother found comfort in baking and decorating cookies after her son was born with congenital heart disease.

Four and a half year old Micah Anderson has had three open-heart surgeries in his short life.

“Basically the plumbing in his heart was all mixed up and some of his plumbing was interrupted and twisted,” said Micah’s mother, Lauren Anderson.

At just one week, Micah had his first open heart surgery, and then another when he was eight months old.

After recovering, he started having more problems and was admitted to the intensive care unit.

“Early in the morning I got a phone call saying that ‘your son has been – we had to do an emergency intubation,’” said Lauren. “And I didn’t really comprehend what it meant at that time. Now I do – it meant your son almost died, it meant your son stopped breathing and he almost died.”

The little boy was strong enough to pull through. Now the almost 5-year-old only needs oxygen at night and has stopped taking many of his medications.

“We feel very fortunate that he’s where he is right now and he runs around like a normal kid now,” said Lauren. “But we do have to keep an eye on his lungs, especially during COVID-19.”

Picture Source: Screenshot/ NCTV17

SOURCE ( Aysha Ashley Househ / NCTV17 )