NAPERVILLE, IL — Campbell Kohls wants to inspire Naperville residents and visitors with words. The Neuqua Valley High School senior is organizing the city’s first Poetry Walk, which will feature poems from more than a dozen Naperville students in honor of National Poetry Month in April.

The poems will be posted in the windows of 15 businesses in downtown Naperville during the first week of April, Kohls told Patch. She said the poets range in age from fifth grade to 12th grade.

Kohls first fell in love with poetry in eighth grade after one of her Crone Middle School teachers assigned her a poem to memorize and perform. Shortly after, she began following Button Poetry’s spoken word videos.

When Kohls got to Neuqua Valley High School, she tried out for its spoken word poetry team, so she could follow in the footsteps of her spoken word poetry heroes. She was selected as a team substitute and tapped to fill in for someone. “The rest is history,” Kohls told Patch. Today, she’s the team’s captain and was recently chosen as Fox Valley’s poet delegate.

Picture Source: Campbell Kohls

SOURCE ( Lisa Marie Farver /Patch)