The city of Naperville will increase signage and develop public service announcements urging people to wear face coverings to quell the spread of COVID-19 as many have observed groups of people walking downtown without masks.

Some Naperville residents have avoided the city’s busy downtown area amid the coronavirus pandemic even as businesses and restaurants reopen because many people are not wearing masks or face coverings while walking the central business district sidewalks.

Jim Hill, co-chair of Naperville Senior Task Force, said he and his wife generally love going downtown to shop and dine, but as individuals over 65 with underlying conditions, they now avoid the area because they are at a higher risk for developing severe symptoms if they contract COVID-19.

The last time they went downtown, the pair found themselves on a crowded sidewalk with unmasked people, Hill said. And they’re not shopping as often because they’ve observed people not wearing face coverings in parking lots, but rather putting them on right before entering a store.

Picture Source: Sarah Freishtat / Naperville Sun

SOURCE ( Erin Hegarty / Chicago Tribune )