Curious and intrigued looks from passersby are common when Sweet Mary’s Ice Cream bicycle is cruising through the neighborhood.

“I’ll ride down the street and people will be looking. And they’ll say ‘what’s that? What’s that?,’” Naperville resident Edye Keen said. “Seeing their faces is just really kind of funny to see because they don’t really know what it is. They haven’t really seen it before, but at the same time love the idea of it.”

Run by the five Keen sisters — all of whom have Mary in their first or middle names — the business is in its second year of operation. When the Marys are not busy with special events like birthday or block parties, they ride the electric bike around area neighborhoods selling frozen treats.

“Our whole mantra of the business is to share smiles,” MaryFaye Keen said. “And what better way than to bring ice cream out?”

The Marys include MaryFaye Margaret, 20, who is a junior at St. Louis University; Ellie MaryColleen, 18, a freshman also attending St. Louis University; Frannie (Francys MaryPatricia), 17, and Molly MaryClare, 15, are students at Neuqua Valley High School and Edye (MaryEdythe Gallery), 13, attends Scullen Middle School.

Picture Source: Sweet Mary’s Ice Cream

SOURCE ( Kathy Cichon / Chicago Tribune )